Braubach City has an antiquity of 725 years and is in the heart of Germany, where it joins the Rhine and Mosel rivers and Lahn.

Braubach, the town of wine and roses, is the northernmost of the towns that sprang up in the valleys along the banks of the Rhine is characterized by its half-timbered houses and the streets. The village surrounding the altizano falciformemente Burgberg and Marksburg castle.
The castle Marksburg is characterized by its location and its impregnable construction. Of all the castles located on the heights of the mountains along the Rhine means, is the only one who has arrived intact to this day.
The architecture of this fortification is now considered representative of the Rhineland medium. Since 1900 grants are intended for the care and conservation of the castle. This keeps alive the medieval atmosphere that is breathed within these walls. The castle’s history is a bit uncertain: it is certain that between 1117 and 1171 belonged to the Lords of Braubach, it follows that it was they who began the work. In 1283 passed to the Earl of Katzenelnbogen, who expanded the facility. In the seventeenth and eighteenth landgraves of Hesse transformed it into a fortress.

Located in: Germany – Braubach
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Here are the GPS coordinates * to reach Marksburg Castle.

The GPS coordinates for most GPS devices
Latitude: 50.27203466591297
Longitude: 7.649316787719727
DD Decimal Degree (Decimal Degrees)
Latitude: 50.272035 Longitude: 7.649317
Degree Minute Second DMS (Degrees Minutes Seconds)
Latitude: N50 16 19 Longitude: 38 57 E7
GPS – Latitude: N 50 16 322 Length: 38 959 E 7
UMT – X: 32N 403749 Y: 5569750

If you want to check the authenticity of the coordinates we have posted you can do here.

To check has to enter the coordinates:
50.27203466591297 7.649316787719727
and then press the Convert button and Map

* GPS – The Global Positioning System (GPS) or Global Positioning System (better known by the acronym GPS although its correct name is NAVSTAR-GPS) is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) which determines worldwide the position of an object, person, vehicle or a ship, with an accuracy up to centimeters using differential GPS; usually a few meters.

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