The island of Cyprus is internationally recognized state, but only controls the southern two-thirds of the island. The northern third was occupied by Turkey in 1974, establishing the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This last area is only recognized by Turkey. On the island there are also the UK sovereign enclaves of Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

The island of Cyprus is situated in the Mediterranean Sea, 113 km south of Turkey, 120 km west of Syria and 150 miles east of Greece.

Cyprus has been colonized by various cultures throughout history. Civilization would come around 1600 BC, and later established Greek and Phoenician colonies.

The economy of Cyprus is clearly affected by the division of the island into two territories. It has a highly vulnerable, more stabilized upon entry into the European Union, with a heavy reliance on service sector.

Cyprus has gone from relying on agriculture, have a structure more in line with the European Union context, with an important industrial sector that underpins the bulk of exports and employs 25% of its population.

About 70% depends on the services sector, particularly in the tourism sector. The location near the Middle East causes large swings from year to year at the time of becoming a tourist destination.

The fleet of ships registered in Cyprus is the fourth largest in the world and he brings great revenue.
Located south of Turkey is the third largest after Sicily and Sardinia. It is located 480 km east of Greece (eastern coast of the island of Rhodes), at 415 km north of Egypt, 130 km west of the Republic Arab Emirates and 94 km south of Turkey.

Mediterranean temperate climate with warm, dry summers and mild winters in general, but more rigorous in the highest.

Cypriot culture can be divided roughly into two groups. On the one hand, the Greek influence, which inherited the island language and ethnicity 80% of Cypriots. Furthermore, the Turkish culture that defines the lifestyle of the Turkish Cypriots.

It is world famous ancient historic distrust between Greece and Turkey, due to the endless struggle to master the many islands of the Aegean Sea.

By ethnic rivalry between the two groups. The Cypriot civil war almost imminent, the UN intervened and identified clearly.

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